What We Do – Image Retouching Services

Image Retouching Services

We offer a high quality, reliable image retouching service to reach deadlines whenever possible. Our focus is on quality, but not at the expense of speed. Speed comes through experience and we have plenty of that!

Please contact us using our online form if you wish to discuss your image retouching needs. We are also happy to advise on any image alterations we feel may improve your final shot.

If you wish to know more details about our image retouching services please read on………


Processing Camera RAW Files

Our preferred software for processing is Capture One Pro. If you thought image definition was just down to pixel resolution and lens quality think again. Capture One’s processing engine actually gives sharper results than any other processing software. In addition, a high level of colour accuracy and a comprehensive range of functions make this our software of choice.

The following can be carried out as part of the processing stage:

1. Exposure correction up to 6 stops.

2. Colour corrections and white balance.

3. Local adjustments to correct colour, tonal and clarity values to areas of an image

4. Removal of dust specks.

5. Lens correction, most commonly used for removal of distortion caused by wide angle lenses.

6. Keystone correction for converging uprights and/or horizontal lines.

7. HDR images to recover highlight and shadow details.

8. Dodge and burn techniques carried out directly on the camera RAW file.



Image Retouching Post Processing

Post processing services are carried out primarily in Photoshop, but we also make extensive use of Photoshop plugins and additional software in our image retouching. Sometimes we use additional software for a specific task because it does a better job than Photoshop. At other times it is simply quicker to use. Less time retouching by us means less money spent by you!


The following image retouching services can be carried out as part of the post processing stage;

 1. Colour and tonal adjustments – Ideally these should be carried out at the processing stage as RAW files are vastly more flexible. When RAW files are not available we can make adjustments  to Tiff or Jpeg files wether it’s to the whole image or a carefully masked area.

2. Cut-outs – We deal with blurred edges, semi transparent objects and complex shapes such as trees, giving highly realistic, believable results.

3. Photoshop Composites – Combining two or more images to create something new. A good understanding of how various components of a finished image interact allow us to achieve outstanding results.

4. Panoramic stitches – Ideal for those dramatic landscape shots when a wide angle lens simply doesn’t cover the shot you have in mind. For best results images should be taken on a tripod.

5. Removal of unwanted objects – This involves making up hidden areas to blend seamlessly into your final image. We can use areas of the existing image, samples from another shot or photo-realistic painting.

6. Adding objects – We will add credible shadows and match up light sources to fit in with the original shot.

7. Adding Skies – Skies need to match the light values of the original shot and can also improve the composition. We can choose a suitable sky from one of our samples or add a sky supplied by you.

8. Old Photo Restoration – Removal of blemishes, scratches and tears. We can also recreate any missing areas and improve contrast levels on faded shots.

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