Image Licence Agreement

This is a legal agreement entered into by Ad Shots Digital Studio Limited and you or the employer or other entity on whose behalf you are acting (hereafter referred to as the client).

It refers only to images downloaded from the “Retouching Resources” pages. Any other images on this website may not be used for any purpose.

By downloading any images from the “Retouching Resources” pages you agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement.

License Terms

Ad Shots Digital Studio hereby grants the client a worldwide, perpetual non exclusive non transferable license to use these images under the following terms. All copyright and intellectual property rights pertaining to these images are retained by Ad Shots Digital Studio Limited.

Permitted uses

These images may be used in all forms and media including composite representations.

These images may be modified when used as part of a composite representation.

The client may use these images as many times as they want without additional costs.

These images may be used for personal and editorial use.


These images may not be used for advertising purposes by the client. If you wish to use them for advertising please contact Ad Shots Digital Studio to obtain written permission.

These images may not be redistributed, resold, sublicensee or given away in their original or altered form (excluding use as part of a composite image).

The Client may not use a script or programme such as Spider or Leach to download content on the website.

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