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Photoshop sky

Welcome to my page of free, downloadable high-res skies. You can use these in your retouching projects, whether they are personal or commercial. There are not a huge number of images, but they will be replaced on a seasonal basis. Subscription will ensure you are notified when new skies become available. If you choose not to subscribe you are still welcome to download. Just double click to open the image in a new window then right click on a PC or ctrl click on a mac and select “download image”.

About the skies.

In my many years working as a retoucher I have replaced skies in thousands of images. Experience has taught me that no matter how skilful the retouching is if a Photoshop sky doesn’t fit it will never look 100% believable. I have therefore started an ongoing project where skies are categorised by time of day, time of year and direction of shot. I believe this will enable you to choose a Photoshop sky which matches the shot it is to be added to. These shots were taken in the UK which means shots taken facing south are looking towards the sun whether they are taken in the morning or afternoon. If you live in the southern hemisphere the reverse will apply. Please keep this in mind when choosing your sky.

If you replace skies on a regular basis I recommend you use this page as a resource to build up your own library of retouching samples.

I wish you the best of luck whatever your project is and happy retouching..!

Evening sky for retouching purposes

West facing February Evening

South-West facing February Evening

evening sky retouching sample

South-East facing February Evening

cloudy evening sky

South facing February Evening

moody clouds free retouching sample

South facing February Evening

February evening sky retouch sample

South facing February Evening

Winter evening sky

North-West facing February Evening

Sky sample

West facing February Evening

winter evening sky

North facing February Evening

East facing winter sky

East facing February Evening

winter sunset sky

West facing February Evening

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